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Research, development and innovation activities

The research, development and innovation activities (RDI) at Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences have a practical and applied orientation. Working life-oriented projects and project studies tackle real working life problems, focusing on real targets for improvement. RDI activities and project studies enable students to increase their working life knowledge and skills in a worthwhile way. Team work and project management skills are needed in all occupational areas.

The RDI activities of SeAMK focus on selected profile areas, which are 1) Sustainable Food Solutions, 2) Smart and Energy-efficient Systems, 3) Welfare and creativity, as well as 4) Entrepreneurship and Growth. RDI activities are carried out at all the faculties of Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences. The RDI activities are supported by the activities of the Regional University of Applied Sciences in Järviseutu, Kauhava, Kuusiokunnat, Kurikka and Suupohja.

At Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences, RDI activities are integrated into teaching through different learning environments and project studies. For example, SeAMK Projektipaja® offers students the opportunity to carry out development projects for companies. In the SeAMKPro, multimodal learning environment, students of different fields of study complete part of their studies in projects. Learning is based on commissions from working life, which students fulfil by experimenting, researching and utilizing their innovativeness and creativity. SeAMK Innovation Week is carried out once a year by first second year students using Service Design tools in solving problems from companies.

Projects are at the fulcrum of our activities

In addition to learning environments, students can participate in RDI project activities through study modules. SeAMK participates in projects as an expert in applied research. They are often research and development projects put together jointly by several stakeholders. We also participate in international projects.

Also, theses produced by our students are an important part of the research and development activities of SeAMK. They are often commissioned by a company or organisation or they are part of a larger RDI project. A thesis commissioned by a company or organisation gives the student hands-on experience with practical working life. It may also open a door to a future job. SeAMK’s RDI-projects provide students with thesis topics.

We also sell personnel and updating training packages responding to companies’ and other organisations’ specific needs, as well as expert services.

The teachers of courses provide more detailed information about the RDI activities students can participate in. Further information about the ongoing projects and services can also be obtained from the Heads of RD of the Faculties.