SeAMK Library

Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences Library is located in Campus House. C0 door is the main entrance to the library.

SeAMK Library is open to everyone. The library acquires books, journals and electronic resources which support studies and theses work as well as literature, journals and electronic resources supporting teaching, research, development and innovation activities.

Teaching in the University of Applied Sciences emphasizes independent information seeking. Students are encouraged to use field-related sources of information as well as library and information services.

Learning information seeking skills is included in the curriculum. The information specialists are responsible for the teaching of information seeking skills. The library staff also offers other guidance and consultation. There are premises for studying independently or in groups in the library. It is possible to borrow a laptop from the lending kiosk. Students also have access to the library’s electronic resources through remote access.

Students can browse library collections at SeAMK-Finna.

Contact information and opening hours are available on library’s website.

Kalevankatu 35 (Campus House)
Tel: +358 40 830 0410 (info)