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Welcome to Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences!

Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences is one of Finland’s most qualified performers by many indicators. In recent years, SeAMK has been among the top in the country according to the national student feedback survey (AVOP). Our student union Samo has also been defined as the best in Finland. We have also been awarded a rare recognition, the Quality Label for Excellence in Higher Education by the Finnish Education Evaluation Centre.

According to our strategy, SeAMK’s vision is to be international and entrepreneurial – the best higher education institution for students. We want to be a higher education institution that is larger and more effective than its physical size. High-quality education and up-to-date work-based orientation are the guiding principles underlying SeAMK’s operations. The possibility of multidisciplinary joint studies across faculty boundaries extends the perspective of studying. Shared facilities in the restaurant, cafeteria, and elsewhere on campus also provide a good opportunity for networking, making new acquaintances and friendships and shared hobbies.

Our aim is to operate as an independent and successful higher education institution also in the future. We will continue to have an extensive national and international network of cooperation with the world of work, and with other higher education institutions. Our University of Applied Sciences represents all key fields of education relevant to employment and business in the region: technology, business, culture, health care and social work, natural resources, and catering.

SeAMK provides education for approximately 5000 degree students in six fields. Approximately 75% of them study full-time in one our 21 degree programmes, four of which are offered in English.  A total of 13 different Master’s degree programmes in six fields can be completed at SeAMK. Moreover, it is possible to complete a Master’s degree in Business Administration in English. SeAMK is a growing organisation. Our research, development and innovation activities have been growing rapidly in recent years.   The number of our international degree students has also seen a significant increase. Nowadays, they account for over ten percent of all our students.

Alongside these, we offer multiform learning directed mainly at people in employment. It is possible to earn a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree or complete specialisation studies while working. In addition, you can complement your expertise by studying at the Open University of Applied Sciences or through further education. Bachelor-level multiform implementations can also be completed regionally in towns covered by the operations of the University of Applied Sciences.

The most important development task of SeAMK is to refine the methods of teaching and studying in such a way that the education is combined with up-to-date work-based competence. In particular, SeAMK strives to develop learning environments based on multidisciplinary project learning and entrepreneurship. In addition to our traditional cooperation with businesses, this has increased the collaboration between the University of Applied Sciences and small and micro entrepreneurs.

We are promoting the implementation of a digital campus. In addition to being the best campus in Finland, we want our physical Frami campus to be a digital learning environment. Education offered by SeAMK also provides students with the competencies needed in an increasingly international operational environment. International student and teacher exchanges are one of the focus areas of our activities. Student exchanges and traineeships are widely available, particularly in Europe, but also in all other continents.

Dear Student, in this study guide, you can find curricula for all the degree programmes starting this academic year, including the related course descriptions. In addition, the guide contains general information about studying at Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences.

I wish you the best of success in your studies: enjoy your time at SeAMK!

Seinäjoki, 31 January 2024


Portrait picture of Jaakko Hallila

Mr Jaakko Hallila

President and CEO of SeAMK