School of Business and Culture

Dean: Anne-Maria Aho

The School of Business and Culture provides education in Business Administration and Culture.  The programmes leading to the degree of Bachelor of Business Administration are the Degree Programme in Business Management, the Degree Programme in International Business (instructed in English), the Degree Programme in SME Business Management and the Degree Programme in Library and Information Services. The extent of the programmes is 210 credits. The degree of Bachelor of Culture and Arts is awarded from the 240 credit Degree Programme in Cultural Management.

In all the Bachelor programmes in the field of business, students have the opportunity to earn a double degree. In such a case, in addition to the Bachelor’s degree issued by SeAMK, the student also earns another Bachelor-level degree. Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences has signed double degree agreements with partner institutions in Germany, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Lithuania, China, the Netherlands, Spain and Bulgaria.

Adult education leading to the Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration is also available in Seinäjoki and also in Kauhajoki through the Regional University of Applied Sciences.

In addition, the School offers three Master’s degree programmes in Seinäjoki. The Degree Programme in Business Competence and the Master’s Degree Programme in Cultural Management are taught in Finnish whereas the Degree Programme in International Business Management is offered in English.

The School emphasizes strong ties with working life, i.e.,  through commissioned theses and projects, internationalisation in attitudes and courses offered, as well as commitment to entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial spirit.

School of Food and Agriculture

Dean: Terhi Junkkari

SeAMK Food and Agriculture has been built around the concept of the food chain. It covers education and applied research ”from farm to table and back to the field” – in accordance with circular economic thinking. Agriculture, food processing and biotechnology as well as nutrition are key parts of the SeAMK food chain. Agronomists, hospitality management, biotechnology and food technology engineers graduating from SeAMK, understand the relationships between the functioning of the food chain and the accountability of the supply chain as a whole. R&D activities focus on profile area sustainable food solutions including the themes: food safety, nutrition, new production methods in the food chain, digitality in food production and business in food chain.

School of Health Care and Social Work

Dean: Päivi Rinne

The School of Health Care and Social Work Work is located in the Kampustalo in Seinäjoki.  Following Bachelor Degree Programme studies are available: Degree Programme in Physiotherapy (Physiotherapist, 210 credits), Degree Programme in Nursing (Registered Nurse, 210 credits or Public Health Nurse 240 credits), Degree Programme in Social Work (Bachelor of Social Services, 210 credits), Degree Programme in Elderly work, Bachelor of Social Services and Health Care, 210 credits). In addition, the School offers education in the English-taught Degree Programme in Nursing (Bachelor of Health Care, Registered Nurse, 210 ECTS credits). The Degree Programme in Nursing (Registered Nurse, 210 credits) is available in Alajärvi as part of the activities of the Regional University of Applied Sciences.

The School of Health Care and Social Work provides high-quality Bachelor-level education based on the evidence-based knowledge, supplemental education and further education, as well as three Master-level degree programmes.  Students have the opportunity to utilise our extensive international network of higher education by studying abroad. Our teaching and RDI activities are integrated in modern and multi-disciplinary learning environments.

School of Technology

Dean: Heikki Rasku

The operations of the School of Engineering of Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences  are concentrated on its new premises in the Frami area of Kampusranta. The School offers the Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering in the following programmes (240 ECTS credits): Degree Programme in Automation Engineering, Degree Programme in Mechanical and Production Engineering and Degree Programme in Construction Engineering. In addition to the above-mentioned programmes, the School of Engineering also offers certification as a Master Builder in the Degree Programme in Construction Management (210 credits), and prospective students can obtain a Master’s Degree in Engineering in the programme of Automation engineering, programme of Technology Competence Management and in the programme of Construction (60 credits). Students also have the opportunity to complete a double degree in the Bachelor’s Degree Programme in Automation Engineering in cooperation with Hochschule Aschaffenburg. After completing the double degree, a student earns both a Finnish and a German engineering degree.

The strengths of the School of Engineering include the new premises with state-of-the-art laboratories,  the active development of teaching methods, and close ties with the region’s business sector. The internationalisation process at the school is progressing with vigour; indeed, more and more of our students complete some of their studies at the school’s partner institutions abroad. Our teaching method, “SeAMK Projektipaja®”, has received several national recognitions and is extremely popular among our students and partner companies. It offers an excellent opportunity to learn by doing, whereby students carry out real projects commissioned by companies. The School of Engineering leads the way in Industrial Internet both in research and development and in education in Finland. The new concept, SeAMK Digital Factory with its new laboratories has also received several national recognitions.