Academic calendar

The Decree of Universities of Applied Sciences (18.12.2014/1129) stipulates that an average of 1600 hours of course work, which yields 60 credits, are required to complete the studies of one academic year. The academic year at SeAMK is divided into periods and is based on 40 weeks of student work, which mainly takes place during autumn and spring semesters. Then, the student’s average workload is 40 hours. It includes all work required for learning, contact learning, practice needed for completing courses, project work, and weeks of self-study. Moreover, the student is offered the opportunity to study during the summer semester (duration 12 weeks).

In October and February, students have one week of independent study, during which studies requiring attendance are not offered. There is also a two-week break in contact teaching at Christmas.

The fixed period model will be observed at SeAMK as follows:

  • The first period of the academic year starts on Monday in week 35.
  • The second period of the academic year end on 31 December.
  • The fourth period end at the end of week 22.
  • The summer period is in weeks 23 to 34.

Annual periods and more detailed common dates are confirmed by the end of the autumn semester of the previous academic year.

Information about the studies of the Summer School and other summertime course supply is always provided at the website of SeAMK during the previous spring semester.

The students of Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences can graduate as soon as their studies and other possible obligations are completed. However, it is not possible to graduate in July. A graduation ceremony is held every semester. At the ceremony, Degree Certificates are given to those graduates who have announced in their applications for a Degree Certificate they would receive theirs at the ceremony.
Additional information about the graduation ceremony is available on the Intranet.